Creative Review Phone Number

Contact The Creative Review on their UK phone number 020 7292 3703 for information about subscriptions, to order any back issues of the magazine, or to discuss entry into The Creative Review Annual competition and awards programme.


Creative Review Customer Services – 020 7292 3703

The Creative Review is a magazine that focuses on a wide range of creative mediums, and is available in both print and digital platforms. Specifically the magazine provides opinions and analysis on life in the creative industries, focusing on a wide range of fields, from graphic design, advertising, literature and photography. You can therefore phone The Creative Review direct on their UK customer service number 020 7292 3703 for all subscription enquiries. For example, you can use this number to make changes to your subscription, including your delivery address, payment information, or wish to cancel your account altogether. Alternatively, you can contact Creative Review to request a copy of a back issue or to report any missing copies from their online catalogue.

In addition, The Creative Review Annual is a highly respected trusted awards programme for the creative industry. You can therefore place your phone call to discuss entry into the competition, in either the ‘Book’, ‘Digital’, ‘Design’, or ‘Advertising’ categories. Moreover, you may wish to ask when Creative Review Annual judging takes place, to discuss entry costs and application deadlines. Similarly, The Creative Review’s Photography Annual access both applications and recommendations, specifically if you have spotted any outstanding work in any magazines, photobooks or advertising campaigns.


Call Costs and Contact Hours

The Creative Review customer service line runs a geographical contact number meaning that you will only be charged the same standard per-minute rate as any other local call made from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However, you can contact the magazine for free if you are calling from a landline with free calls to geographic numbers or if you are using a mobile with inclusive free minutes. Creative Review can accept calls during the contact hours of 9am–5pm Monday to Friday, with lines closed on weekends.


Write to Creative Review

You also have the option of making your enquiries in writing, and can do so when sending an email to Creative Review or via post, using the magazine’s full customer service address as follows: Creative Review Subscriptions Department, Wells Point, 79 Wells Street, London, W1T 3QN, United Kingdom.