CSA Phone Number

To learn more about the services provided by the CSA, contact their support and enquiries phone line on 0345 713 3133.

Love is a very powerful thing. With it two people come together and have wonderful lives in each other’s company that can span decades. For the most part, love is enough to keep people together especially when they have fulfilling relationships. However, there are relationships that don’t turn out all too great, which is why the CSA is there to help once the dust settles.

When this happens to couples with no children, there’s no real problem other than the emotional impact on each of them. Both adults can learn to cope and move on but when this happens to couples who have a child or children together, things become a little messy.

Children need the protection and support of both their parents. In an ideal family where all of these are present, children will turn out great. When children grow up feeling abandoned they suffer and may eventually becoming maladjusted adults if they can’t resolve their issues.

A little gesture such as regular financial support can help children adjust better and this is what the Child Support Agency (CSA) provides. The CSA’s role is to help the parent left with the children to get child support from the negligent parent.

This is done by being an intermediary between the parents, who may not want to ever speak with each other ever again.

Phone the CSA

If this service sounds like something you need, then call their help line on 0345 713 3133. You can also call 0345 713 8924 if you’re on a textphone or minicom device.

If you want more information about the choices available to you when paying child maintenance payments through the CSA then please call their freephone advice helpline 0800 0835 130.

Alternatively if you are an employer and you want advice on how to make child maintenance deductions from your employee’s pay then phone the CSA on their employer helpline 0345 713 6010, which is open from 8am-6pm Monday-Friday.