First Utility Phone Number

First Utility is currently the cheaper alternative to the Big Five energy companies – to reach their information telephone helpline just contact them on 01926 320 700.

Having electricity in your home is just like having the power of lightning right at your fingertips. This power however doesn’t come cheap – at least if it’s from the Big Five. First Utility has been very vocal in exposing the unfair practices of overcharging that the largest electric suppliers in the UK sometimes use.

They then position themselves as the cheaper alternative who are able to provide the same electricity as that of other companies – because after all, all electricity in a given region is the same. Why then would you agree to pay more for something that you can get for much less?

First Utility Contact Numbers

Their enquiries phone number 01926 320 700 is available for customers to contact. It is on this helpline that customers and those who are contemplating a switch can learn the details about the cost-saving claims of First Utility. You may also phone this helpline if you are an existing customer with First Utility and you have a query about your gas & electricity bill or your energy supply.

Chat Live with First Utility

If you’re not able to call them up on the phone, then chat with their customer service team via their live web service instead.

The First Utility support team are available to help you at:

Email First Utility

Email is also available for those who prefer to send a more detailed enquiry in writing, to send an email to First Utility please fill out a website contact form at: handle-complaints.

Social Media for First Utility

First Utility has a number of social media accounts that customers can contact and connect with for more information.

Firstly they have an official Twitter account which you can reach by sending a tweet to @FirstUtility.

You can also write a post on their Facebook page by going to