Groupon Phone Number

If you want to talk to a Groupon customer service representative regarding a purchase or voucher just contact them using their phone number 020 3510 0444.

Groupon offers services and deals at very low bargain prices. The companies offer limited stock or slots on Groupon and bank on the publicity generated by the deal. Local businesses that offer their products and services at bargain prices know that their cutting into their own profit margin is just like paying for good effective marketing, which is exactly the service that Groupon provides.

Telephone Number for Groupon

Groupon makes it a point for their customers to get the best deals available. It’s this bargain that makes Groupon addictive.

If you’re a loyal customer of Groupon and their daily deals and you have questions regarding the coupons that you purchased with them, then you can direct your enquiries to their customer services team on 020 3510 0444.

You can call this helpline from 8am-8pm.

Email Groupon

If you don’t prefer to talk to them directly on the phone but you would rather write to them, then email is the next best thing. When you email them, be sure to include all the details pertaining to your purchase.

Email your enquiries to:

You can also send them your enquiries through their website by filling out a detailed contact form. Please note that in order to use this service you need to be signed in to your account.

Groupon on Social Media

Twitter is another easy method of reaching Groupon for answers to your queries. Just tweet them @Groupon_UK, where you can also find their latest offers and deals.

If you’d like to contact Groupon via Facebook, this is their page: It is on Facebook that Groupon post announcements, updates and highlight discount deals that are offered on their website.