TV Licence Phone Number

You can easily contact the customer service and information helplines of TV Licence if you dial their phone number 0300 790 6144.

If your living room feels a little empty, then all you have to do is buy a new TV set. Television has been a favourite pastime for families and individuals around the world ever since its invention. The TV has evolved quite a bit ever since its first incarnation as a radio with pictures as nowadays can be set to record, pause or play live broadcasts. The picture quality too has greatly improved, not to mention the size of the brand new TV sets. The largest ones can now easily cover a big part of your living room wall. To enjoy any TV of any size in the UK, you must pay the government a set fee to get a TV Licence.

Telephone Contact Numbers for TV Licence

If you’re interested in securing a TV Licence so that you can now enjoy your favourite daytime soaps or prime-time programs legally, then call 0300 790 6144.

If you have already decided to get a TV Licence but you need further information about how to pay for it then dial 0300 555 0286 for information on paying with a Payment Card or 0300 555 0281 for information on paying for a TV Licence with a Savings Card.

Their textphone line is on 0300 790 6050 if you’re hard of hearing or have speech impediments.

Postal Address for TV Licence

If you wish to send your enquiries through post then you should address your letters to their official office:

TV Licensing,
DL98 1TL,
United Kingdom.

Email for TV Licence

If you want to email them, then just use the contact form which is available at